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Lake Texoma Fishing Report

March 22, 2015...Lots to tell, so lets get right with it. As a guide on Lake Texoma, I have continued to shine, and be talked about, as one who is getting fish, when others cant, and also big fish on every trip. Whether it be the nice offshore boat, and nice equipment, or my success rate, I am not sure, but I can tell you I am fishing more than I have in my 22 year career guiding on the lake. It also could be the fact that I am due for left knee surgery in July, so guess those who want to fish with me before I am down that month, are booking me. My weekends as usual are going fast! Here, and as I stated above, are those reasons. I work hard to get my customers the most fish, and biggest fish; I have a gift of gab, keeping my customers laughing, at my stories, and at 73 years old, I have a lot; My boat is usually always clean, I have a clean, cleaning station in my slip, but the most attractive, I catch fish, better than anyone on the lake right now. I troll, yes troll, with umbrella rigs, nine jigs, selected colors, much like the off shore method of fishing. I hit the spots I have known for years, where the big fish are located, and we are moving all the time, rather than throw out a rig with bait, with one bait, and sit there for the fish to come to it. Yes I only fish two rods at a time, as when you catch sometimes, seven fish at a time, its a little to busy to handle anything else. Its fun, kicked back, and productive... Call and book that trip, and see for yourself. Now for some pictures, first my favorite when I took out my grandkids, and we pulled two 17 pound fish, back to back..... Biggest so far this month, is a fish hinging on 20 pounds..."JD"

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February 25, 2015...February fishing is still real good. I have been fishing almost every day, and catching fish in the range of 9-19 pounds pretty regular. I have been in some nice weather, but his last Sunday, was in a BLT striper tournament and brought in over 34 pounds of fish on two fish, struggling against extreme cold/winds. I have a regular crew for this tournament, who want to fish it, every time, as it has been so much fun. I trailered my boat over to Highport Marina, for three days, as it would have been too far to drive my boat as most of the fish are to the west of Little Mineral Marina, where I house my boat in a boat slip. this year will be fantastic, as there seems to be an assortment of fish, but most in the large fish 10-20 lb range. I am equipped for big fish, using offshore rigs and 50 pound test line...Hope to see you this seson.

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Febuary 15, 2015...Februay has been a rather great month, or at least as far as catching big fish is concerned. I have brought in fish in the range of 19 to 10 pounds, throwing back a host of fish in the 10 pound range, as there is a two big fish per person limit. In this regard, it is almost impossible to bring in a limit, which includes smaller fish, but this will change when the Spring season, and warmer weather moves in. I am having to run quite distance to find the fish, but his is simply a pattern for the cold time of the year. There are a few birds working now and then, which means fish are there, chasing shad. The water temperature is almost to 50 degrees, and when it hits a steady 60 degress and higher, fishng will be fast and furious. I recommend you getting your dates confirmed as good days, weekends will be gone before long. I have sold one of my boats, as my dear wife is enrolled in college, losting one of the best guides, to education. I work hard to try to show my customers a great time, even allowing them to fish in my slip for big cat fish, and brem, when we are not on the lake catching stripers. I will add a few pictures to my photo page, of the recent catches. Give me a call, I have been doing this for over 20 years, and know where the fish are, and how to bring them in, for your kitchen table feast.

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January 23, 2015...They say things get better with age. Dont get any ideas, this is a family site, and I talk fishing. You know years ago, 22-23 to be exact, I became a guide and spent most of those years, running out to get live bait, facing the perils of running into something in the dark, the worse, not getting any live bait, or just to lose it, dying for some unknown reason...Geez. Things like this do not change with age, but stick with me, its important. I will get there. Once I got the bait, and was able to keep it alive, I put out one bait with 6-8 rods and caught the crap out of fish or all different sizes. Stuck with this until last year. I know, call me a quick learner, Ha. After this length of time, and failing to tell you how many nets I lost to unknown whatever it is down there that eats nets, I suddenly changed habits. Not sure it was totally because of a torn rotator cuff, the mornings getting up at 2-3 oclock, the smell, or just stumbling onto something better and easier. If your going to spend 40 thousand on a boat, and more than that on gas and equipment, with a college education like I, look or at least act smarter. (dont forget the years I spent doing this) Last year, at the advise of someone who fished only a few times, pulled out a 9 yes 9, four arm umbrella rigs, with yes 9 jigs, you heard me right, and caught the crap out of fish, while I had tried my 5, yes 5 jig alabama rig, spending most of my time helping him get fish off his, yes 9 jig rig. Although he was a friend, no I wont say that.... I now use a umbrella rig, yep 4 arm, yep 9 jigs, yep I catch fish too. Now for the catch (drum roll please) I have prefected the method, caught more fish, bigger fish, BIGGER fish, than in my 23 years as a guide. Yes there has been a increase in the bigger fish in this lake,and everyone is catching bigger fish, but I am catching BIGGER fish than almost anyone I know on this lake. You will have to be prepared to troll, use these rigs, and also expect to have a cooler full in less time, and let other have the dinks....ok ok stop the darn drum roll please! Gosh. I will be serious for a minute although it does not fit me, as I love to cut up and have a good time, I target big, yes BIG FISH now, so get ready with the "O MY GOSH", or "HOLY COW," ... Call me or my beautiful wife, ladies,,,,,,and set up a trip with me or her as she guides also, not as good as me, but do not tell her I said that, although she does the posting of my web site, but hopefully she will not read this.....Ha. Try our family guide service, you will be glad you did....Its first class.....even with a big headed fast talking will be sorry if you dont, I know sounds like a used car, never mind, its winter and I have to go to water arobics.....JD and JoD.

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Striper Bass fishing with Cross Creek Guide Service
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Striper Bass fishing with Cross Creek Guide Service
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Striper Bass fishing with Cross Creek Guide Service
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